Better Late Than Never…

Well…I probably should have started this blog much earlier in the year.  My proper British friend Glen, this weekend suggested that I start a blog about my 50 Pool Project.  While I may be five months late in starting, I guess its better late than never.  For my 50th Birthday,  I want to swim in 50 different pools throughout the year. This past week, I swam in my 20th pool to date at Asphalt Green in New York City. After each new swim I take a few pics of the pool and jot some notes down on a spreadsheet. From this point forward I will start blogging.

The rules are quite simple to swim in 50 pools in my 50th year starting 1/1/2013. The pool needs to be a minimum of 20yards and I need to be able to do laps in the pool. I don’t have to do a full workout but I should do at least 100yards. So far, this project has taken me to some great and not so great pools across the US of A, Morocco and Canada. I have altered business and personal travel plans just to accommodate this quest for 50 pools. There have been solo swims, swims with new masters groups, swims with friends and family members (yes-even Shannon).

As it would be too tiresome to blog about the pools I have already been in I will just highlight some of my favorite pools to date via pictures.

Looking forward to documenting this project.

                                                 Coronado Municipal Pool, Coranado, CA

                                                   Sofitel Imperial Palace, Marrakech, Morocco

                                                        MIT, Cambridge, MA

                                                          Weston Middle School, Weston, MA

                                                       The Swimming Hole, Stowe, VT

                                                         Vancouver Aquatic Centre, BC, Canada

                                                          Lake Oswego High School Pool, OR

                                                          Asphalt Green, NYC

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