Where it all began…

Well…as our 20 year run on the East Coast ends… I guess it’s time to circle back to where it all began. No-I am not going to make this a sentimental journey of raising our children in the classic New England village of Weston, family summers on Nantucket or the life long friends we have… Continue reading Where it all began…

The River*

Can 2020 just be over? Global health pandemics, social justice unrest, upcoming elections (ugh) and now wildfires raging in Oregon. From my prior blogpost my readers likely surmised I was in Central Oregon to spend the month of September. With forest fires 50 miles away from Bend what is typically a nice time weather-wise to… Continue reading The River*


After 67 days of social distancing, physical distancing, bad weather, no pools and frigid open water it was time. Time to jump back in…yes…back into the water-yikes! My friend Sonja was heading to Littleton, MA to swim with some friends so I decided to join in.  It was a 40 minute drive from Boston that… Continue reading YES!

Desperate times…desperate measures

48 days and counting..it has been over 20 years since I have not swum in a pool or open water for that number of days consecutively. This whole pandemic thing along with social distancing is not good for those that have built a life around their aquatic pursuits. Realizing this no pool and open water… Continue reading Desperate times…desperate measures

No pool, no problem (ish)

Well…it’s nearly a month since our pools have been closed and that we’ve been practicing social and physical distancing.  It’s been interesting! Social media hashtags and memes in swimming circles have centered around the phrase no pool, no problem. Coaches have done a good job of encouraging their swimmers to stay fit and importantly connected during this… Continue reading No pool, no problem (ish)