Inspired by the great outdoors and all the activities at ones fingertips in Bend and some free time I embarked on a new challenge. I called it Pool2Peaks! As its name implies is pool sesh immediately followed by a ski sesh. I am not sure its ever been done before and if it has-was it back to back?

The weather has been gorgeous bright blue skies, cool in the morning and warming to the low to mid-50’s. Perfect conditions for the inaugural Pool2Peaks challenge.

I started at the Juniper Park Swim & Fitness Center at the noon masters practice. Coach Emily threw down a good workout with a fair amount of kick sets. Wait, what-kicking before skiing? No bueno! I got out of the water at 1:00 with 3600 yards under my speedo. I leisurely toweled off and headed to the car.

Juniper Park Swim & Fitness

The ride Mt. Bachelor was a breeze. The roads were clear and the traffic light save a few afternoon skiers.

Century Drive to Mt. Bachelor

I pulled into the Sunshine Lodge parking lot in a primo parking spot close to the lift. Deck changing from swim togs to ski apparel in a mountain resort parking lot was a first.

Deck changing

Changed and ready to go for part two of Pool2Peaks I was off to the lift. There were no lines and by 2:04 I was at the top of the lift ready to go. Yup, the total time elapsed from jumping out of the pool to the top of the Sunshine chair ready to ski was 64 minutes. Not too bad…

Sunshine lift

Blue skies with fresh groomers and occasional patches of crust, well maybe more than occasional. We need more snow! I skied 90 minutes, 7.8 miles for 6800 vertical feet. It wasn’t a ton of skiing however post a masters swim practice it wasn’t too bad.

A hour plus of swimming for 3600 yards and 6800 of vertical feet in 90 minutes minutes and home well before 4:00 not too shabby for an afternoon of leisure.

Activity summary from Apple Watch
Mt. Bachelor app summary

It was certainly a leg burner of an afternoon with skiing and swimming. I think for my next challenge I should try a Pool2Peaks2Pickle! If I go that far I might as well make the final P…2Pub!



  1. That pool is beautiful compared to when we lived there. I’d say it sounds like you are living the good life. Enjoy⛷🏊🏻‍♂️ Love ya, Mom


  2. You’ll need to train for your future “P-ventures” because the first one kinda dogged you, from what I independently observed. 😜


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