If the shaka hand gesture is the ultimate Hawaiian symbol for “hang loose” or “right on” I’ll shoot a double shaka for going to back to Maui twice this year!

While not a totally unplanned trip back to the Valley Isle this trip was a twice postponed work trip that happened to be rescheduled a short six months after we had just been there. Yolo!

Sun, warm water gf and surf…you bet I spent a good deal of time in the water. Hey C We started our u in Wailea area a place we don’t know super well so it was fun to check out some new swimming holes. The beach that I enjoyed in particular for some decent open water swimmingj was that Maluaka j hi Beach.

Maluaka Beach

If you are ever to get a flat tire and wait 3 hours for AAA to fix the tire this is the place to have it happen. With this setting it didn’t bother me in the least.

On this side of the island we also got to see some nice sunsets from a different vantage point with different islands in the background.

Wailea Sunset

With the light work portion done it was back to West Maui to some familiar haunts and routines. Well some of those haunts were a bit spooky this time. Yes-they do celebrate Halloween in Hawaii.

Spooky on Front Street

Even my familiar routine of swimming up and down Kahekili Beach was momentarily scary. I stalked some open water swimmers I saw swimming the first day and invited myself to swim with them the balance of our stay. They were a fun and experienced group of locals. They definitely knew the tides, currents and marine life. The first day I just followed the group as the newbie. The water turned a gorgeous blue the further out we went and the deeper the water got (100 feet +/-).

The boat we swam out to

It was all fine and dandy until an old timer said, “keep your head on a swivel as sometimes we can see some pretty big stuff out here”. Oh great! I quickly accessed the situation and figured out I was the likely the fastest person out there and decided to reposition myself so I swam on the inside of the group versus the outside. It really wasn’t that scary I just wished someone would have said something before we got way out there-oh well. The closer we got to Black Rock we saw lots of honu’s (turtles), spotted eagle manta rays and cool tropical fish that they identified by name. Open water swimming is a great way to start the day.

Store window Paia

I also got some good swims in at the familiar haunts of; Kaanapali and Napili beaches.

Kaanapali Beach
Napili Beach

On top of the swims there was also great; rainbows, sunsets, flaura, fauna and drink!

Somewhere over it…
Ohai Trail
Mai Tai
A hui hou

We spent three weeks on Maui this year-very lucky. Trying to figure out how to spend four weeks there next year. If that is the case this guy below should watch out as I may take his job. Maui na ka oe!


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