After eleven straight days of grinding in the Juniper Park Pool or Elk Lake it was time for vacation or should I say…vacciones!

We were off to Sayulita, Mexico! This was the 2020 Burrow Familia Reunion deferred due to covid until 2021.

Sayulita sits on a wide bay with verdant hills and beautiful villas overlooking the water. Our villa for the week was Hacienda Sayulita. While the focus of this trip wasn’t about training there was certainly a lot of time spent in “el agua”.

View from Hacienda Sayulita

I did get two training swims in of sorts. I say of sorts because I was wearing board shorts and honestly the water felt like a hot tub. Not refreshing at all. While it was kinda a rest week it was good to keep the feel for the water.

View from Hotel Amor (first night) and the next days swim course
Swimming in the hot tub
La Playa Sayulita
Swimming in hot tub #2

It was fiesta familia para la semana con; madre, padre, hermanas, hermanos, esposas, hijos, hijos, tios, tias,primos, primas, sobrinos and sobrinas. Did I get all the family naming conventions in Spanish? Sadly, mi hija Courtney wasn’t able to make it due to her internship in San Francisco. We missed her sparkling personality.

Abuelo/Padre hosts this reunion every other year. It’s a special time for all to hang out together around the pool and of course the dinner table.

Mi con Padre
Tiempo piscina
Abuelo y Abuela con Spencer
Mas piscina
Mi Familia sin Courtney 🥲

A highlight or maybe I should say a muy memorable highlight of the trip was a private catamaran ride around the Bay of Banderas. There was food and drink, dancing, SUP’ing, diving off the boat, bar hijinxs. Reader please note these are the first ever videos embedded in my blogposts.

Viva Abuela!
Dos pesca dive
Mi hijos! Donde Courtney?
Hijinxs a total set up -wait for it!

There was even an evacuation at sea for pobre Tia Susie with major seasickness. A great time was had by all thanks to our certified meeting planner, Tia Leenda.

Tia Susie before the evacuation
La Familia
Tia Leenda, CMP

It was a great fiesta and I know everyone had a fun time hanging around each other. I guess part of the lyrics from Sunday Best by Surfaces sum it up, “feeling blessed, never stressed ”. Looking forward to the next gathering of La Familia de Burrow’s!

Back to grinding just a little over a month to go before Isla Catalina…

La Familia
Muy importante-Abuelo wins the backgammon tournament

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