#117 & #118~Art

Art is all around us if we just open our eyes and remain aware. It is in our local museums, on the streets and even in our aquatic centers.

A weekend trip took us to Seattle and pools #117 & #118. The first pool was the Dale Turner YMCA in Shoreline. It was a short drive from our AirbnB in Wallingford. The Y had opened 10 years ago and was fairly nice with an older clientele.

The pool was four lands with a large side area for a kids play area and water aerobics. YMCA’s seem to be sticklers for taking pics of pool areas and this one was no exception. There were signs all over the deck saying no photography. I felt a bit intimidated so I didn’t sneak any pics-uncharacteristically. You will have to take my word that were orca, dolphins and hula girl murals.

It wasn’t much of a swim. Only 2,500 yards in bathtub temp water. It did the trick for at least a little bit of exercise.

I then made my way to downtown Seattle/Capitol Hill branch of 24 Hour Fitness. As expected there was a large cardio area on the entry level and one level below the massive weight and conditioning area.

Never having been to a 24 Hour Fitness I didn’t know quite what to expect in the aquatic realm. On the subterranean weight room floor was the pool. It was a nice enough four lane pool with an adjacent jacuzzi. The water was coolish a pleasant surprise to the bathwater at the YMCA. At the far end was a piece of art~a mural of Mt. Rainier and Puget Sound. I think it was suppose to give one a feeling of being outdoors. It was a nice touch but didn’t do the trick. I slogged through another uninspired 2,500 yards and got out.

Quite honestly the pools weren’t that special or unique so an “art” thematic was the best I could do. I had to go searching for art in other parts of Seattle as the pools were lacking.

The real art was seen walking around the mean streets of Seattle. There was the Gum Wall, the surrounding murals and the natural beauty around Pikes Place Market.

Funky Fremont led us to the Farmers Market, the Fremont Rocketship, and who can forget the Fremont Troll.  Joining us on this art walk was our new resident expert on all things Seattle~Courtney.

Looking forward to our next trip to Seattle and hoping for more inspiring pools for my next blog.

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