Swim Angels-Swim Across America

Swim Across America’s Boston Harbor Relay is always a good time to reflect on the angels that walk beside us and watch above us everyday and to think about friends and family that have battled cancer. Swim Across America, as you know, is a wonderful know non-profit organization focused on raising money for cancer research.

The relay is always held in early July and a great way to catch up with swimming friends and in some cases swimmers you haven’t seen since last year.  The swim starts at the Boston Harbor Hotel and there is always a SAA banner for swimmers to sign in memory of someone that is currently battling cancer or has battled cancer.  This year my swim was dedicated to two individuals; my friend T.C. who is battling prostrate cancer and Mr. C, a family friend and devoted swimmer that swam at my high school pool every morning for decades, who died very recently from cancer.

It was a blue bird day for the swim as we loaded up the boats and headed to the Boston Light.  This year was a nice respite from last year when it was cold and rainy. In fact, I didn’t blog about the event last year as the conditions were so yucky.

For the at least the past five years, myself and a couple other swim buddies have volunteered to be swim angels. Our job is to assist other swimmers that might not feel totally comfortable in open water.  Swimming in the middle of Boston Harbor and in the rough waters by the Boston Light can be a new and trying experience for many.  For the pleasure of being a swim angel we get to stay in the water longer than the regular 15 minute shifts and don’t have to wear wetsuits-yay!

It is a long but fun day to be out in the open water laughing and joking with friends. This year I think I was in the water for about 2.5 hours over the course of the day.

Angel Rip had a little surprise for the swim angels at the end when both boats of swimmers jumped in the water to swim en masse back to the Boston Harbor Hotel.

It was certainly a surprise when we were presented with our own halos & wings. We caused quite a stir as we donned our new accessories in front of the all tourists on the water front.  It was a silly way to wrap up a fun day on the water all for a great cause.

Blog readers,  I hope when you think about the angels amongst us you aren’t scarred by the visual of the two male swim angels below.

(If you look closely you can see our wings and halos)

Next up for Swim Across America…we are Nantucket bound!

Mr. C this blog is for you-thank you for giving me my first lifeguarding job on the lake and your swimming dedication at LOHS for so many years.

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  1. Dear Bob,

    Doug loves this and thought the world of you. How kind. Teach a child to swim and it is a lifetime gift. Much love to you. Sue, Dave, Alison, Dean and Tori. XOXOXOXO


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