#104 Make America Great Again…

This week I had to travel a couple of days for work. When asked where I was going I would say, “Washington, DC to Make America Great Again”. The most common response was a “bad joke”. While many people love Washington, DC to me it is just “ok” and that isn’t because of the current resident of the White House (only 969 days left).  I don’t know what it is but I knew when I got there that I had to spice up this trip with a new pool for the blog.

Normally, I do a little pool recon before I leave on a trip but not this time. In fact, knowing my schedule for this short visit I wasn’t planning to workout at all.  It was a last minute decision in the Logan airport parking lot when I threw my suit and goggles in my bag-just in case.  After our dinner event and a final nightcap with the team is when I focused on where I would swim in the morning.  I stayed up later than I should have trying to find a pool and ultimately settled on a place that seemed to be patriotic and appropriate for the location-the Mount Vernon Recreation Center.

It was just a few miles away from George Washington’s home on the Potomac. The pool was nice enough.  I swam slowly however and needed the swim after a long night.  Post swim crossing the bridge back to my hotel I looked at the Potomac and thought it’s time for the open water season to begin-but when?

Little did I know that “when” would be two days later.  At swim practice on Friday there was talk that a group was going to kick off the open water swim season in Lake Cochituate over the weekend. I was fortunate to get an invite to Pam’s place for Saturday morning.  Pam lives right on the lake (aka Pam’s Pond). Pam’s backyard is a perfect set up for hosting open water swimming gatherings with outdoor showers and a jacuzzi for post swim activities.

We were a small group of enthusiastic swimmers eager to get in back in the open water.  The group was a bit tentative getting in the water but that passed quickly as the water was quite pleasant in the low to mid-70’s.  It was a leisurely swim and a great way to start the season.

More was accomplished this week than expected a new pool and the kick off the open water season.  #makeamericagreatagain #maketheopenwaterseasongreat

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