FLOG…Go The Distance

Goal accomplished!
The USMS website has a section called  the Fitness Log (FLOG). The FLOG has feature called Go The Distance that allows you set an annual swimming goal of how many yards or miles you want to swim in the year. I have been tracking my distance for the last five years. My goal  was 400 miles (the biggest goal ever) for 2015. I hit my goal on November 30th-one month ahead of schedule! 
Across the country thousands of masters swimmers track their distance. Since inception master swimmers have logged over 8,000,000,000 miles. The website also slices and dices the data by sex, age and local area. While I feel proud of my distance and my ranking there are many that have swum 600, 700, 800 and even 1000 plus miles year to date.
Below is the workout that put me over the top.  It was a manageable 3500 yards with a good variety of stroke and freestyle. My favorite set was the 9×100’s. A variety of speeds with a bit of push at the end. 

Now begins the hard task of trying to set the goal for 2016 and looking forward to it. Let the Flogginng begin!

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