10 Year Anniversary

Walking into MIT’s Z-center this morning I pulled out my identification card to get into the pool locker room and noted the following on the top right corner of the card; member since 9/30/2005. I have been swimming with Tech Masters formerly known as MIT Masters for 10 years! Wow-I can’t believe how time flies!

My only real recollection of that first day was walking onto the pool deck with a bit of trepidation of meeting new people and trying to figure out what lane I belonged in.  With assistance from some outgoing regulars and a gregarious coach I settled in Lane 3.  There was also the warning not to touch the toes of the swimmer ahead of you, especially one woman.

(that one woman) ; )

(Coach Bill & me)

Ten years later I have moved up a lane or two, swimming faster (I think) and have made great friends. I can’t believe, nor explain how much this morning ritual and the all people, my now friends, are such an important part of my everyday life and life in general.  It is such a great mix of people of all ages old and young and walks of life. I swim with doctors, lawyers, phd’s, deans, business people, academics, consultants, students, techie types, the list goes on. 
(A Lane Night Out)

(A Dean and a Doctor)

Everyday I look forward to seeing who is on deck. While you would think the very nature of swimming and having your head in the water that it isn’t a very social sport-it’s quite the contrary. The camaraderie in the water is so strong that sometimes I feel that swimming is just an excuse to socialize with your friends.
(Lane 1&2)

Special shout out today to the people that help make my life feel so full in and out of the water; Coach Bill, Katie, Elaine, Hubbard, Heather, Josh, Jeff, Carmen, Steve, Ian, Joe, Sarah, John, Bill, Rachel, Elaine2, Dr. Bob, Dr. Bob (yes there are two), Carrie, Jacki, Dustin, Phil, Craig, Mike, Cliff, Frank, Chris, Chris, Joel and the lifeguards that keep us safe, Jimmy and Andy.

My best days are when I start it at MIT’s Z-Center with my friends at Tech Masters. Looking forward to many more.

(After 10 years…l need a nap)

(After the next 10 years…?)

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