#56 Lahaina Aquatic Complex & Maui Open Water Swim Fest

Aloha!  This was the mother of all swim weeks a new pool (kinda) and lots of open water swimming and snorkeling. Shannon and I went to Maui for the week for a work trip. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua. There were no real work resposibilities aside from a couple of fun activities and dinner events. While there are too many swim adventures to share I will highlight just a few.
The first morning, Shannon, Katie, Matt and I went to Kaanapali around 6:30am. Shannon and Katie walked up and down the beach while Matt and I swam. Actually, Katie and Shannon did bi-athlon of a walk/swim. We started basically at Black Rock and went down past the Hanakaoo Point and back to a little past Black Rock doing some snorkeling and some speedo cliff jumping. We figured it was about 3.5 miles-a long swim but when you are looking at the West Maui mountains, Lanai and tropical fish it goes by quite fast! Breakfast followed at an electetic place called Java Jazz. Perfect way to start the morning and the trip. 

Valley Isle Masters and the Lahaina Aquatic Complex were also on the radar for two morning swims. Practice starts at 5:30 so it’s an early bell to answer. Coach Mike, is an active coach on the deck calling out splits and lending technique tips. He remembered me from a couple summers ago and I recognized some of the other swimmers.  As always, swimming in an outdoor pool is great and watching the sunrise over the mountains made it even better. Both practices were 3500 yards and Matt swam with me one day. Swim practice is always capped off by driving down an empty Front Street in Lahaina with a brief stop at the old banyan tree and the Pioneer Inn and looking out at Lanai. Starbucks at Lahaina Cannery makes the trip back to Kapalua complete.

The final swim adventure of the week was at Napili Bay. It’s a beautiful tranquil bay next to Kapalua. Shannon and I spent an afternoon there ealier in the week. It is now one of my new favorites as it’s smaller and it doesn’t necessarily have the transient feel of bigger beaches. Matt and I swam way, way, out past the point and swam up to Kapalua Bay by the Montage. Lots of good turtles and fish to watch. Post a master swim practice the pace of the swim was tempered.
There are two other non-swimming activities that should be highlighted. First, was a snorkeling trip on the Hula Girl to Honolua Bay with Shannon and small group from work. It was tropical setting with some great marine life to observe. Shannon loved it.

The second, was something I have always talked about doing but never bucked up to do because of the 2:00am wake up call-the sunrise bike down Haleakala! Robert and I sucked it up and did it and it was awesome!  At 10,000 feet above sea level, we had a perfect day to watch the sunrise with some clouds but not too many. You look out over the crater and can see the Big Island in the distance. There are quite a few people up there watching however we were up there early and got a good spot. The bike down is not much exercise as you are basically coasting the whole way down. We had a few stops along the way in Kula and Makawao and ended in Pa’ia by the beach . We got back to the hotel at 12:30pm so it’s a long day no doubt but well worth it to watch a spectacular sunrise and ride a bike down a volcano!

Awesome week!  These Hawaiian open water swimming conditions are not good cold water training for the English Channel but what the heck!
Aloha hui hoi & Maui na ka oi

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