It’s the journey…not the destination.

We’ve all heard the above truism in the past reminding us to enjoy the moment as we strive for a goal and that sometimes what we learn on the journey could be more valuable than the goal itself.
This certainly holds true in my journey to swim in 50 different pools in one year. It sounded like a fun birthday project to celebrate turning 50 but it was so much more…
Here are the numbers; I swam in 50 different pools, in 4 different countries, in 16 states and swam nearly 110,000 yards in 353 days!!! 
But it was more than just the numbers…
I went to foreign countries (Morrocco, Canada, Turkey) and experienced new and different cultures. I planned and researched travel to find new and unique pools. Who would have ever thought there would be a beautiful 50 meter pool on a small island in the Sea of Marmara or one in the middle of the Bosphorus Strait. I had to beg and plead to get into some pools notably in Turkey and Santa Barbara. I was even given my first senior discount along the way (ugh).
Most importantly, was that family and friends were involved and supported me along the way. I had an awesome trip to Turkey with my nephew Spencer, Dad and Bill joined me for the grand finale, Shannon swam with me (yes, you read that correctly) the kids encouraged and indulged me and my wonderful friends encouraged me, got me into pools and provided new ideas and suggestions. 
And yes, I enjoyed detailing my adventure on my pool spreadsheet and this silly little blog read by small number of family and friends that are bored or are insomniacs.
Since I have had so much fun this last 353 days I see no reason to stop chronicling new pools and swimming adventures both near and far so…the blog will live on!
Yes-it is all about the journey and I am looking forward to where it will take me next!!!
Pool #1

Pool #50

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