Pool #23 and early race recon

Yesterday, I hit pool #23 and it was an awesome one. It was the Heybeliada Sports Club in the Princes’ Islands in Turkey.  I found it on line but little did I know it is a “members only” club. After being denied entrance with a feeble attempt to talk our way into the club, due to the language barrier I thought we were foiled. However my pouty face and the pity of a kind stranger saved the day-she let us in as her guest.
To date it was the best pool of the year and surely in the top 10 pools ever. It was an outdoor 50 meter saltwater pool in a sports club set on the Sea of Marmara. I swam 2000m in the pool and then Spencer and I lounged seaside with dips and short swims in the sea. It was truly a great day and a real treat to find this club. A highlight of the trip for sure.

Today July 4th we celebrated with a couple hour boat tour up the Bosphorus. A few observations; the scenery (towns/houses) along the river are beautiful and quaint, there is lots of shipping traffic, and the river is very wide and flowing fast!
The finish line in the distance.

A big ship

The Fortress of Rumeli with a strong current

Lastly we capped off the 4th at our favorite nagrile. Happy 4th of July!!!

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